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To support you, Free Your Light offers the following services:
– Life and Career Coaching
– Mental Health Well-Being Activities
– Laughter Yoga and Laughter Club
– English Coaching and ESOL
“Time Out” sessions

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Life can get you feeling heavy and dark at times, so let’s get you feeling LIGHTER and shining BRIGHTER.

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Meet the Team

Hello I’m Claire Dallimore


– Supporting you to reignite your inner spark to feel lighter and shine brighter each day-

Using Life Coaching, various Mental Health Wellbeing activities inc. Laughter Yoga and More ……

Workshops and Activities

Free Your Laughter with Laughter Yoga – Laughter sessions – Laughter Club

Free Your Stress with “The Stress Measuring Jug”
Courses Available – see page for more details

Moving home with less stress – Its Super stressful isn’t it moving home ?

Emotional Support for home movers to move with less stress.

Tweaking Workshop Bundle – Making small tweaks for big results.

Learn more with the Mental Health and Wellbeing Webinar Series