40 Days and 40 Tweaks

40 days of tweaking- what will you do?

Lent is here – What are you going to do for the next 40 days that could make a positive change in your life?

Rather than giving something up, which can put us in a negative mindset of lack and loss, why not tweak something instead to create a helpful habit of something you would like to change or gain.

Tweaking gradually over 40 days will help our brains to accept this change and will help to embed it into our habits and routine for it to become an enjoyable part of our life, which we will look forward to doing or will do automatically.  Sounds good doesn’t it 😊

🎉What are you going to Tweak?

 I’m going to tweak my exercise habit as I need to be moving more, so that in 40 days I have a habit my brain has taken on board and started to embed, this will make it is easier for me to do a little bit of exercise and movement each day going forward.  

Some of the things I’m going to start doing one of each day are yoga, a walk, a run, play tennis, have a dance off or do some hilarious Laughter Yoga and on the days I really don’t feel like it – I will have a 1 minute wiggle and giggle so that I do something to keep my habit going.

✨What are you going to start with?

I’m going to start with Yoga.  – thanks to Yoga with Adriene 🧘‍♀️, ⬇🐶, 🐍, ⛰, 🌅, ⚔, 🐈🐄, 😄 thank you Adriene

– the brain loves easy, we are predisposed to do easy tasks that use less energy, so work with yourself and make everything as easy as possible to do –

To make it easy and I don’t have to think each day – I will be setting a plan so I know which activity I will be doing each day.  Where I can, I will be doing them at the same time each day.  Then my brain will associate that time with that activity and that will help encourage me to do it and embed it as a habit too.  Knowing this in advance will also help my brain to feel safe – again using less energy or friction to do the tweak. I am also going to be clear on what, where and when I will be doing each one – Using the equation from James Clear’s Atomic Habits – thank you James.

So my PLAN will look like:

Day 1 – 08:00 Yoga on my mat,

Day 2 – 08:00 Yoga on my mat,

Day 3 – 08:00 walk on hill,

Day 4 – 13:00 Tennis, at the courts


I will do a plan for the full 40 days and then have check points at every 7 days to check in with what is working and the weather, to see if I need to make any other tweaks – tweak my tweaks to ensure its working 😊

Mark it on your calendar. I invite you to have a physical calendar as well as an electronic one, so that you can see it when around your house. You can use this as a habit tracker being able to have the joyful moment of marking it off when done, seeing your progress and then celebrate.

Ask yourself: What is it I will be doing? Where will I do it? and At what time?   Activity, place and time.

📅 How will you arrange your calendar?

To set myself up for success and make this easier for me each day to do the exercise, I will be doing a little set up the night before, putting out my mat/putting my racket and trainers or coat and boots near the front door and popping a little pile of exercise clothes ready to be put on – Then I don’t have to think about what to wear or where my kit is – which would be taking up valuable energy and time if not done.

🏆What can you do to set yourself up for success for doing your tweak each day?

Yes, well spotted 😄 that’s another little tweak to make – a tweak to my evening routine for the success of my morning tweak.

To keep motivated I will use a habit tracker, rewards and celebrate at the end of each day – if we enjoy something or get something good out of doing it (release of happy hormone) or a reward then you will want to do it again 😊 .

OK so ……. Things to set up :

Plan: What, where, when

Set up: What other small tweaks can I put in place to make it easier to do my new habit

Motivation: Habit tracker to keep myself motivated

Reward: what will I reward myself with in line with the habit I’m creating.

We are going to have them…. those days where we really don’t want to do it……so let’s put something in ready for those days…..

My plan for the days I really don’t feel like it but I have to show up to my habit somehow…  1 minute wiggle, 2 squats, I yoga burpee, a stretch, run on the spot.

🤔What can you think of that you can put into place so that you don’t miss doing your tweak?

Ok so ready to go?  What are you going to do? Let me know below and it will be good to hear how you are getting on.

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I look forward to hearing from you and tweaking with you.  – Let’s get our tweak on for a better future.

Laughter yoga – what’s that? i hear you say – find out more here: Free Your Laughter


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