Mental Health Wellbeing Webinar Series

Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing Interactive Webinar Series

To increase your employee’s knowledge and understanding around Mental Health and how to look after theirs, I offer this webinar series…

  • Consists of 5 sessions
    • 60 minutes each
    • Informative, inclusive and thought provoking
    • Take aways and handouts provided during and after sessions.

Titles include:  

  1. Understanding Mental Health & Emotional Wellbeing
  2. Emotional Wellbeing in the workplace and WFH/W@H
  3. Stress Busting – emotional resilience
  4. Starting and having a mental health conversation
  5. Building self and emotional intelligence

Suggested roll out spaced out for 1 a fortnight or 1 per 3 weeks to give participants a chance for things to sink in and put into action.

In addition to the Mental health webinars this can be paired with 3 Physical wellbeing webinars too, to show how mental and physical are linked.   They would run in between each other so total of 8 webinars.  I would not be running these sessions, I have others who can do this if required.  😊

Participants comments and feedback:

“I think you all have done a great job with the series…Really top-notch speaker through all the series I have attended!”

“I LOVE that our company is empowering us to improve on ourselves and letting us talk about our Mental Health. I hope these sessions continue.”

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