Are You Moving Home?


Moving home is considered to be one of the most stressful life changes we make, alongside marriage divorce and bereavement.

It’s not just a physical move, it’s often a mental and emotional one too.

Without the right tools and support, life’s most rewarding transitions can also be the most stressful

Having moved house 12 times in 10 years, Claire Dallimore knows how physically and emotionally stressful the process can be.

I’m here to offer you emotional support through this highly stressful time of change in your life, throughout the whole process during and after.

I can be …..

a friendly ear to talk to, to vent to when no-one else can listen or you’d like a neutral ear to hear you and chat things through with.

your accountability partner to help you create task lists, action plans and help keep you on track with things that need to be done.

your companion to keep you company and keep you going, especially when you are doing the tasks that make you feel lonely, overwhelmed or you are procrastinating with.

your time-out buddy for when you need some time out from it all, some time to do or think about something else, or not think, some time to just be.

How can I support you with your move ?

Interested in any of the above then please get in Contact:
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