What my clients have to say ………

Claire was my personal coach for over a year, in the worst time in my career, where I was personally struggling with confidence and feeling like I was not good enough. During this time, she showed me how to believe in me, to trust in me, to respect me and the respect others in a way that I had never done before – look for what you can control in yourself.  The skills and belief in myself allowed me to have conversations and stand up for myself for what I believe in, conversations and debates that I shied away from previously I no longer do. I found an inner strength that has helped me progress in my career and in my personal life.  For all these things I am so grateful to Claire for– she has a beautiful way about her, one where you feel so at ease, no uncomfortableness and complete honesty with no judgment. Thank you, Claire!!!

JS – Life Coaching Client

“The team at Docebo has been working with Claire for most of 2021 on two projects – wellbeing sessions for our zoom-fatigued, international, employees and language coaching session with our top executives. In both projects we have seen people implement take-aways that improved wellbeing, confidence and (in the case of non-native English speakers) level of English. ‘We feel like the business cares about us’ was the main theme of the feedback coming back from employees about the wellbeing sessions. Claire has been a pleasure to work with (especially with the challenges created by COVID)  and I would be happy to recommend her to similar organisations.”

– Asi Degani – DOCEBO –

“I highly recommend Claire Dallimore’s workshop on The Stress Measuring Jug for anyone looking to refresh how they manage their own stress or to support others.  Claire created a fun and safe environment and the course was both engaging and interactive.   I had not come across this technique before and I genuinely came away feeling less stressed and will use this in the future.”

Heather Mills – CIPD – Duck Soup HR

“Claire ran an excellent session for our local CIPD branch. She is clearly knowledgeable and passionate about her subject and has a wonderful warm presentation style that generated lots of positive feedback. Thank you Claire!” The Stress Measuring Jug

Marc Reid – CIPD Thames Valley Branch
– Chair, SIG for Independent Consultants


‘Brilliant session with Claire, my morning routine will never be the same again!  Very engaging and got everyone in the team involved.
Worked well virtually, but would imagine even better face to face. 
Thanks Claire, hope to work with you again.’

Tina WorthingBCP Council – Team Laughter Yoga Session

“Thank you Sean and Claire🤣
Great Fun, 🙂 thanks Sean for arranging
Thank you, I enjoyed that 🙂
Thank you that was great fun 😄
Thanks so much Claire and Sean for organising absolutely brilliant.
Brilliant Session 😂
Great Session, thank you!”

Sean Farrell and team – BT – Team Laughter Yoga Session

“Claire has really helped me to decide to undergo a career change into accountancy, whilst providing excellent listening and discussion skills and the motivation to go ahead and take that next positive step!”
HB -Big Life – Career & Life Coaching Client

“Claire is an excellent coach! With her, you can learn and feel safe while learning! Claire’s relaxed and flexible approach is the real key to the success of these coaching sessions.”
Michele Vigilante – Microsoft – English Coaching

“Thanks to Claire I approach meetings in English with much more confidence.” Giorgio Faedi – Microsoft – English Coaching

“I’ve recovered the confidence I once had talking English thanks to Claire’s help. Claire offers you a wide bunch of alternative ways to help you find the most appropriate way to build your growing process together”
Santiago Segovia De La Hera – Microsoft – English Coaching