Coaching Services

Who I work with:

I support people as they go through life challenges or changes so that they are less overwhelming, such as: 

  • House moving / first time living away from the family home
  • Change of job / Change of career / Return to work after an extended leave period
  • Starting a new life/ Entering a new stage in their life
  • Improve themselves, increase their self confidence
  • and more… what is your situation?

These are well known turning points in people’s lives and are known to be when people experience the most stress.   – So why do it alone, let yourself be supported through these – How can I support you?

What I offer: 

  • Impartial Listening service
  • Respite – space to be and breathe
  • Support with getting organised, creating and taming To-Do lists
  • Neutral person / sounding board
  • Practical tools for dealing with stress and overwhelm
  • Encouragement and Support to tackle tasks that feel too big

Benefits you will get working with Claire: 

  • You get a safe, rare and precious space to be able to talk and be open, free from judgement. 
  • If you are struggling with your next choices in life or going through a life change, you will receive support to identify your needs and passions, to see a way forward into your next new chapter.
  • Time to find out what you really want and how you can put that out into the world in a way that feels comfortable. 
  • Help you lift the weight of life off your shoulders. 
  • Greater vibrancy in life
  • Greater connection and intimacy with loved ones and family
  • Feel a sense of accomplishment
  • Gain insight into your inner resources and strength
  • Knowing we can do it ourselves

What clients said they felt after working with Claire:

“Grown in confidence”“Excited about their future “
“Not hiding anymore”“Able to access inner-resources “
“Stepping up to the table”“More tools to deal with life challenges”
“More confident & empowered in their life”“Can see a clear path forward”
Claire was my personal coach for over a year, in the worst time in my career, where I was personally struggling with confidence and feeling like I was not good enough. During this time, she showed me how to believe in me, to trust in me, to respect me and the respect others in a way that I had never done before – look for what you can control in yourself. 
The skills and belief in myself allowed me to have conversations and stand up for myself for what I believe in, conversations and debates that I shied away from previously I no longer do. I found an inner strength that has helped me progress in my career and in my personal life. 
For all these things I am so grateful to Claire for– she has a beautiful way about her, one where you feel so at ease, no uncomfortableness and complete honesty with no judgment. Thank you, Claire!!!

JS - Life Coaching Client
Claire has really helped me to decide to undergo a career change into accountancy, whilst providing excellent listening and discussion skills and the motivation to go ahead and take that next positive step!

HB - Career & Life Coaching Client