Free Your Laughter

“Free Your Laughter” with Laughter Yoga

When was the last time you had a really good laugh?


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Reminding you that having a laugh and not taking life so seriously is very important and good for all of our mental & physical wellbeing.

Laughing can change your mood within a few minutes due to endorphin release and this feeling stays with you throughout the day. 

Lowering stress and tension levels and increasing our immune systems.

Laughing enables you to breathe deeper which increases oxygen into our bodies and brains, helping us to feel more energised and motivated

AND when practiced regularly you boost your positive outlook too.

Laughing alone or in a group, simulated laughter or real can achieve all these benefits.  

Laughter is SO good for you………

  • 1. It makes you feel good
  • 2. Its stress relieving and reduces tension
  • 3. Supports and boosts your immune system – laughter is the best medicine
  • 4. Releases happy hormones to encourage a more optimistic outlook
  • 5. Natural Painkiller – releasing endorphins
  • 6. Helps to reduce Depression and Anxiety, SAD
  • 7. Internal workout
  • 8. Best way to get a 6 pack Abs – forget crunches, get laughing.
  • 9. Bonding and improving relationships and teams
  • 10. Increases confidence and self esteem

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What laughers had to say about the sessions

‘Brilliant session with Claire, my morning routine will never be the same again!  Very engaging and got everyone in the team involved. Worked well virtually, but would imagine even better face to face. Thanks Claire, hope to work with you again.’

Tina WorthingBCP Council – Team Laughter Yoga Session

Thank you Sean and Claire🤣
Great Fun, 🙂 thanks Sean for arranging
Thank you, I enjoyed that 🙂
Thank you that was great fun 😄
Thanks so much Claire and Sean for organising absolutely brilliant.
Brilliant Session 😂
Great Session, thank you!

Sean Farrell and team – BT – Team Laughter Yoga Session

Interested in doing some Laughter yoga? Yes, then please get in Contact: Claire Dallimore, Email me at Call me on +44 (0)7570018831